Nike’s HHM Commemoration


To commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM), Nike footwear designer Kiki McGehee designed a shoe inspired by the many faces of Hispanic culture. Using the Nike All Court shoe, the design incorporates a technique known as piteado, a popular method used on leather belts and boots throughout Latin America. The word “Pride” is displayed on the shoe to reflect the lifestyle of Hispanics living in the United States and the font used was made famous by the low rider culture of the southwest. The floral details also encourage freedom of expression while the jewel tone colors of brown, yellow and green combine to give the shoe a unique appearance.

This special edition shoe will not be available at retail; however, a limited number of HHM T-shirts inspired by the shoe and featuring the same graphics will be available at select Warehouse Shoe Sale stores throughout Los Angeles.

via EM Staff, 7 October 2008 4:12pm |