Bizarro Birds of Paradise


The latest headlines coming out of Papua, New Guinea tell of how women in the  Highland regions are killing their male babies to end an interminable tribal war (lasting more than 2o years so far).  One particular fight still continues that began in 1986 over claims of sorcery!  Yet if you look past the human melee, there is a fascinating spread of mother nature as bizarre as the purported rituals of black magic.

New Guinea has sprouted such unique life forms as the wild,  yodeling dog and 42 species of Birds of Paradise.  These otherworldly birds are an ornithologist’s wet dream.  Watch as they try to impress the opposite sex with their freaky mating rituals.  Their neon plumage and inflated bodies look more like an animated character from a Miyazaki fantasy than anything spawned from nature.  Check out this fascinating segment from the award-winning show, Blue Planet which airs on Discovery Channel.  To check out upcoming shows, visit:

Bird of Paradise Mating Ritual

via Ethan Holtzman, 28 December 2008 1:00pm |