Sharjah Biennial: 9th Edition


sharjahSharjah Biennial 9
Sharjah Art Museum
Sharjah, United Arab Emigrates
Sharjah’s Department of Culture and Information will be hosting the 9th edition of the international Art Biennial.  As a commitment to the arts, Sharjah Biennial serves as a vehicle to bring artists together from around the globe. Featuring a wide range of artists and performers, Biennial is credited as the cultural event in the Arab region. The purpose is to explore the arts from a global perspective, welcome discourse within the arts, and showcase emerging talent on an international front.

According to Hoor Al Qasimi, Director of SB9, this year they did things a bit differently. They decided not to “impose geographical classifications on displaying work.” Their purpose is to cultivate diversified ideas and methodologies surrounding art. Curator Isabel Carlos says this years exhibition ‘Provisions For The Future’ is “more than a representation of a global selection of artworks.  SP9 aims to be a place of production and development artworks in the context of the city of Sharjah.”

SB9 will feature a variety of activities at a number of venues, including the Sharjah Art Museum.  Artist Amir H. Fallah (the Creative Director of Beautiful/Decay) is a participant in this year’s event. His installation entitled, “Eclipse,” is a two story structure that will be featured in the atrium of the Sharjah Art Museum. A snippet of the participants’ work, including paintings and sculptures, can be viewed here.


via Sarah Wolfson, 17 March 2009 10:17am |