The Process – Profile: Eddie Cruz

As you guys know, Maestro and I have been busy the last several months working on a video series called “The Process.” The idea came about from sharing stories about the small nuances and tidbits that I gain each and every time I meet people that inspire me. Most of you guys now know who Maestro is, his show, “Maestro Knows” has become an internet hit sensation. I met Maestro before all this was happening but I had a sense that this kid could shoot and he had an innate skill to frame a story. Collaborating with Maestro on this project came as easy as pie. Of course we both had hectic schedules so this project took longer than expected. This is the first installment of many more to come. Think of these as visual podcasts in character studies of the folks you might be interested in knowing more. Hope you enjoy! These are meant to light and quick. Thanks again for your time.

Published on 12 October 2009 |