“Am I Gonna Make It”



According to Nite Jewel, “Dam Funk is the man.” But Dam was quick to rebut that “he is not the man;  [Jewel] is the lady.”  And though the two exchange praising sentiments of each other’s musical prowess, their symbiotic relationship goes beyond the rhetoric. They are instinctually connected- their adoration for music, as well as their ability to create mind-bending, complex musical arrangements is what really syncs the two.

In a periodic series entitled “Tune In Afternoon,”  XLR8R follows artists as they collaborate on a musical piece. XLR8R found it fitting to pair Jewel’s hazy, ethereal world of lo-fi disco pop with Dam’s gritty, funk-fused beats. Both artists also represent the diverse cultural pockets that reside in the city of Los Angeles.

In this segment, the two bug-out and jam-out to synths, drum tracks and crazy bass lines, creating stories with each musical measure. Playing both fields as producer and song-writer, the two create a haunting track about herb -induced paranoia. After the high kicks in, the character of the song feels he/she is being chased out of a party. Hence the title of the track, “Am I Gonna Make It?” Who knows if he/she finds his/her way out of the head trip- I guess you will have to peep the track. But I do know two characters that find a place of harmony and that is Jewel and Dam. Check out the duo as they collectively share their “love for obscure chords” and all things music related. 

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via Sarah Wolfson, 18 December 2009 12:21pm |