This is Not A T-Shirt


Jeff Staple or jeffstaple (as he likes to be called) is part designer, part businessman and utilizes both his left and right brain, creativity and business. His fondness and amusement for pigeons is evident when you see his shoes, cameras and even his mini fridge branded with the feathered fella. And if you haven’t heard, Jeff recently designed an exclusive collaboration “This is Not A T-shirt” sticker for Hearty Magazine. You can get yours now at the hearty store or Jeff’s Reed Space located in NY, Japan and soon to be in Hawaii. Overall, this guy is pretty much amazing, as he shares with Hearty Magazine his thoughts on the popular clean aesthetic style and again, pigeons. Check out the “10 things you don’t know about Jeff Staple” tidbit and the full interview here.

via Saeko Oishi, 7 April 2010 10:56am |