‘Kill Your Co-Workers’



Flying Lotus and animator Beeple present brand new video ‘Kill Your Co-Workers’ taken from his new EP “Pattern+Grid World” which is out now. A follow up to his highly acclaimed 2010 album, Cosmogramma this new EP in stark contrast takes man back to machine and transforms the lush instrumentation that characterized the album into a cacophony of synths and electronics. With this video, Flying Lotus and Beeple have brought to life a vibrant (pattern grid) world just as acclaimed illustrator Theo Ellsworth did with the intricately inspired EP artwork. And in an open invitation to animators across the world to make new scenes and stories with the parade of fantastical characters featured in the video, the source 3D models have been made freely available for you to download and use in your own works.
Beeple explains: “When the video is released I will also be posting all of the 3D animation project files on my website so that people can see exactly how each shot and every character was animated.  They are also free to use these 3D models and scenes in any way they’d like.  I like to think of it as sort of an “open source video” in that all of the pieces of the project are also released for people to do what they’d like with.”
Download all 3D character files free at: http://beeple-crap.com/resources.php

Upload your own works using them at: http://vimeo.com/groups/flyinglotus

via EM Staff, 15 November 2010 12:38pm |