Astrology Orchestra


Astrology Orchestra instruments at the Venice Beach Biennial

Reach for the stars in Katie Grinnan’s illuminating Art Performance
The Integratron (and local participating venues) – Joshua Tree, CA
11/16 thru 11/18/12
In accordance with the LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division Project), Katie Grinnan and her Astrology Orchestra will be planning a stimulating art/music experience at beautiful Integratron.  There will be a welcome Karaoke night on  November 16th at the Joshua Tree Salon to open up the Integratron event and live performance on the 17th.  Finally, the event will conclude on the 18th with a mind-cleansing sound bath at the Integratron.

Space is limited, so please RSVP here:

The astrology orchestra:
A groundbreaking collective of artists who use their uniquely crafted instruments to recreate the astrological system and map out the artists’ birth chart from the perspective of the planets in our solar system. Each chart is radically different from the next because of the planet’s position in space. These charts serve as a template for stringed instruments, each representing a different planetary perspective of the same moment in time. The instruments are tuned so that the note of the string at the diameter of each sculpture correlates to the frequency of the planetary spin. A metronome serves as the conductor for the performance as the performers circumnavigate through the zodiac cycle playing the planetary transits.

The Astrology Orchestra has been previously performed at The Mount Wilson Observatory for KNOWLEDGES curated by Christina Ondrus and Elleni Sclavenitis and the Venice Beach Biennial curated by Ali Subotnick.

Featured performers:
Sun – Noah Wolf- Leo
Mercury – Joey Knotting – Gemini
Venus – Alice Könitz – Libra
Earth – Katie Grinnan – Virgo 8-29-1970
Mars – Monique Van Genderen – Aries
Jupiter – Tim Rogeberg – Sagitarius
Saturn – Sue Maing – Capricorn
Uranus – Margo Victor – Aquarius
Neptune – Liza McLaughlin – Pisces
Pluto (almost a planet) – Farrah Karapetian – Libra (almost a Scorpio by one day)

Triangle – Rob Ebeltoft

For more info on LAND public arts projects, visit:

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