Foxygen and UMO


And openers Gothic Tropic and Wampire check their ponytails
The Echoplex, LA

What better way to wash-off post-Valentine’s Day amorous filth than to lose my head in an up-tempo Unknown Mortal Orchestra show with my photographer? Little did I know, I’d be going to a place rife with couples engaging in their post-faux-engagement honeymoon, I was too excited to give into a jealous-rage that would prompt me to vomit out solitude fatigue. Ugh, I’m such a loser…


UMO losin' it, losin' it


I’ve always been eager to check out Unknown Mortal Orchestra and opting to scan up the openers to evaluate their sound and I can say that I was excited to see four acts I dig the sound to. The openers up to UMO seem to be configured in a perfect line-up format that would build up to superb headliners for a night of Check Yo Ponytail. Gothic Tropic was a great alternative garage-segue to Foxygen, which happened to be surpassing anything I’ve listened to on Spotify. It’s great to know there are more bands pouring out of Southern California that are readily apt to sign off on their eccentric and idiosyncratic stage presence.


We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic


I’m glad to have caught them before they go about their upswing in reeling in a bigger audience, suffice it to say that their performance superseded the quality I’ve been gearing up excitement for UMO, whom I’ve found to have a severe departure from their studio recordings. Still enjoyed them though… but not as much as the surprise I’ve found in Foxygen.

Here’s a song you’d enjoy as well as participating with me in reveling in my emotional squalor over the one that got away… WWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH:


Will definitely keep you Angelenos posted when Foxygen has an upcoming LA date, plug into our Twitter.



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Check out Wampire’s CYP2 mixtape here on their Soundcloud.

Photos by Betty Aguilera


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