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Emilio Marin was born in Santiago de Chile, Emilio is Principal of oficina de Arquitectura ; Artist & Co-Founder of the Public Library and Independent Publisher, Joined Latin America Laboratory Network (Laalab.Net & as Developer, Concept & Image Director in January 2008 He has been the recipient of numerous awards for Architect designer and entrepreneur work, His often finds the most incredible multidisciplinary collaborative method discipline toward visual stimulation art ; Emilio earned his Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanism from Universidad de Chile.

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Q&A: Marina Alessio


EM: Visual Occupation and Position.
I’m a visual artist (photographer) who recently opened a contemporary art bookstore in Buenos Aires called Purr.  I’m also co-directing an art gallery that is right next to Purr, called Mite.

1 March 2009 8:06am | Comments

Q&A: Xavier Vidal


EM:  Occupation and Position.
I’m currently occupied with the development of Be a Malevich, a project that I founded in order to promote knowledge about 20th Century Russian Avantgarde artists. My project was borne from a discovery in a Museum.

On a grey October Saturday, back in 2003, I was visiting the Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow and there it was, looking at me: the Malevich’s Black Square. The vision was as powerful as a magnet to iron. The vision of Malevich’s Black Square had an enormous impact in me, kind of a “before and after”situation.

11 February 2009 4:00am | 3Comments

Q&A: Francisca Benitez

EM: Occupation and Position.
Artist, working and living in Brooklyn, currently showing at Exit Art, New York and at the Westport Arts Center, CT.

EM: Who does the cleaning at home?

EM: What neighborhood do you closely identify with? What makes your community so unique?
Brooklyn. I feel at home here. We are freaks of every walk of life, living in a town attached to a huge metropolis by a few bridges and tunnels. I love where I live, in a stinky industrial area where the

30 January 2009 12:30pm | Comments

Q&A: Pola Thomson

Photo credit: Carolina Vargas

EM:  Occupation and Position.
Owner and designer of Pituqui-Pinaqui

EM: What neighborhood do you closely identify with?  What makes your community so unique?

In general simply that we are far away, really in the south, almost at the end and that we are a small market (Santiago, capital of Chile)

29 January 2009 6:00am | 2Comments

Q&A: Frankie Nun


EM:  Occupation and Position.
Amature cyclist, Artist and Designer. I have a tiny Messenger Bag Company called El Divino. You can find them at King Kog in Brooklyn (

EM:  What neighborhood do you closely identify with?  What makes your community so unique?
I would have to suggest two neighborhoods, Santiago Centro which is where my studio is located and Independencia where I buy fabric

28 January 2009 11:36am | 2Comments

Q&A: Fernanda Vuilleumier


EM: Occupation and Position.
VUILLEUMIER: Director and founder of studio of Architecture FV.  In combination with running my architectural practice, I am the founder of the  LAALAB.NETLAALAB.ORG Established in 2007 based Latin America Network Laboratory build one Net in Latin America. LAALAB.NET is a laboratory for critical exploration with the lifestyle intervention of city dwellers and

13 January 2009 5:19pm | 2Comments