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Sylvia Adams spent two and a half years of her childhood in Korea and Germany, before returning back to the States. While attending UC San Diego, she met up with Rickey Kim, the Founder of Evil Monito Magazine and started off as their Music Editor. After the magazine's brief hiatus, she became their Editor-in-Chief. She is an avid cinephile, whose taste ranges from Yakuzas to Nouvelle Vagues. She also has a predilection for obscure Scrabble words and Madagascar succulents.

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Please support Expressway to your Skull

Aside from being a part-time fim reviewer at EM Magazine, our multitalented friend, filmmaker and visual artist, Michael Okum, is on a mission to put out Expressway to Your Skull, a fresh psychedelic spin on the hackneyed array of horror films that populated the mass market in the last twenty years.  The once imaginative genre began to dwindle well past the prime of its glory days–certainly a far cry from the macabre brilliance of 60′s Italian giallos or the bone-chilling, psychological thrillers of the 70′s American film renaissance. Michael realized, however, the creative potential of Expressway glimmering faintly in the staggering dearth of quality horror.

31 August 2012 4:01pm | Comments

Venus Passes in Front of the Sun!

A Once in Lifetime Astronomical Event
West Coast (the Firmament)

On Tuesday June 5th, at the West Coast region, Venus will first cross in front of the Sun’s disc at 3:06 p.m. and will continue to move across the fiery globe. Then the Sun will set on our fair city at 8:02 p.m. just before Venus slips past the other side of the Sun’s disc. The Venus crossing will occur the following day, June 6th, for East Coast residents.

5 June 2012 2:03pm | Comments

L.A. Zine Fest

L.A. Record proudly hosts the L.A. Zine Fest
The Last Book Store – Downtown LA, CA

This year, the L.A. Zine Fest has an exciting lineup for the literary minded. KXLU DJs will provide the apt soundscapes and L.A. Record will be hosting a lively afterparty featuring a live silkscreening by Hit + Run! All workshops and discussion panels will take place at The Last Bookstore this Sunday followed by  a free afterparty with the Allah Las, Cold Showers and Neverever!

19 February 2012 3:51am | Comments

Godard’s Latest Opus!

Godard’s latest (and possibly last) feature film, Film Socialisme

The Cinefamily – LA, CA

Tonight will be the final screening of Jean Luc Godard’s latest opus, Film Socialisme.  His expansive oeuvre spanned the 60′s and beyond, codifying the French New Wave movement and leaving an indelible impression in the history of cinema.  In celebration of this special event, The Cinefamily will also screen his masterpiece on pop culture and political activism in the swinging Parisian ye-ye era, Masculin Feminin.

26 January 2012 1:05pm | Comments


Lars Von Trier Latest Opus!
The Cinefamily – Los Angeles, CA
11/26 thru 11/19/11

Modern auteur, Lars Von Trier, releases Melancholia on Zentropa Films, rounding out his impressive oeuvre for the year.  In a sense, it seems that Trier allowed himself to be swept up with the zeitgeist of our generation and created one of many not-so-subtle reminders of the portentous Winter Solstice.  However among the various end-of-time films with their ear-splitting natural disasters or alien grotesquery coming to colonize our earth, Melancholia stands apart as a beautiful and lingering kiss goodbye to the world as we know it.  

26 November 2011 6:01am | Comments

The Stepkids are Back in Town!

The Echo and Funky Sole Present The Stepkids
The Echo – Echo Park, CA

The Stepkids
album has been on serious heavy rotation at the office of EM Magazine and we’re excited to welcome the three-piece Connecticut band back to our hood!  Tomorrow night they will be playing live at the Echo. In the meantime, check out their latest video for “Legend in My Own Mind” directed by comedian Tom Scharpling.

The critically acclaimed band blends futuristic electro soul with Pink Floyd-esque psychedelia, making them one of the most exciting bands to come out in awhile.  Not to mention the immersive psychedelic visuals that elevates their live shows to the stratosphere. Their Saturday show also includes  a DJ set by Peanut Butter Wolf DJ. So check it!

28 October 2011 1:28pm | Comments

Herzog’s Modern Sci-Fi Classics

Fata Morgana + Wild Blue Yonder Screening
Machine Project – Echo Park, CA

Looking for something to do? Well, Machine Project will be screening Werner Herzog’s Fata Morgana. A complex superior mirage, of the same name, forms above the pristine horizon of the desert as the recurring image of his sci-fi allegory, while languid shots of arid landscapes are set to the sombre melody of Leonard Cohen.

To top it off, Machine will also feature his other sci-fi re-imagining, Wild Blue Yonder. A film which juxtaposes space footage from NASA with diaphanous creatures gracing the seemingly uninhabitable waters of Antartica. An abysmal world so cold and alien to the moderate climes of planet Earth, you may as well be on the frigid rings of Saturn.

24 September 2011 11:25pm | 1Comments

Eagle Rock Music Fest

Gaslamp Killer, Photo via LA Weekly

13th Annual Neighborhood Music Festival
On Colorado Blvd. (between Argus & Eagle Rock Blvd.)

Eagle Rock’s music festival has arrived with the first weeks of autumn. And it certainly is a welcome sight since earlier this summer, the Sunset Festival had imploded into a promotional fiasco that never came into fruition.  Eagle Rock’s beloved neighborhood event is officially in its 13th year and we highly encourage folks and families to come out, support independent music and the local musicians we love and grew up with. The stages will be curated by our favorite independent music collective, Dublab as well as the talented folks over at Low End Theory.

20 September 2011 12:00pm | Comments


Cinespia Presents Argento’s Beautiful Giallo
Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Hollywood, CA

For one of their last weekends the Cinespia folks present the classic supernatural horror film by master Italian filmmaker Dario Argento. Suspiria is a personal favorite of mine in Argento’s stunning oeuvre of 70′s giallos and features a haunting soundtrack by his trusty musical collaborators, Goblin. The film’s popularity is touted by not only Italian horror fans, but universally by cinephiles and cineastes for its bold and beautiful color imagery and lighting effects.  Its popularity is further evidenced when RJD2 sampled the film’s theme song in his track, “Weatherpeople.”

15 September 2011 11:48am | Comments

Cold Fish

A Special Sion Sono 2-Day Engagement!
The Cinefamily – LA, CA
8/6 & 8/7/11

For those who don’t know of Sion Sono, you’re seriously missing out.  His four hour long epic, LOVE EXPOSURE is so brilliant, so unassumingly hip and transformative that the hours flew by like minutes.  In my humble estimation, he is the art house filmmaker of our generation.  After a one-week retrospective on Sono, The Cinefamily so graciously follows up with his latest fare, COLD FISH.  Think of Imamura’s stunning masterpiece, VENGENCE IS MINE on high octane fuel!  

29 July 2011 12:03pm | Comments